With almost 1100 square feet of open, natural light space the main studio allows you to engage your creative potential.

Exposed brick, cement block and gray walls with 4 motorized roller backdrops (colors change but there is always a standard black and white) give you the options you need to best suit any client.

Upstairs, our clients can access The Loft DSM at no additional charge when not in use for events. One smaller room with beautiful wood floors and white wash brick gives a unique option for those clients looking for a modern but classic look. The second back loft room has an abundance of natural light, exposed brick and natural backdrop options on the walls encase this gorgeous room designed for larger shoots!

You truly won't find a more varied or diverse studio in the Des Moines area.

The Studio at One Source is designed to be a place where artists and clients feel as if this is their own personal space. Our goal is to make sure we celebrate your successes and find ways to encourage your professional growth. They say that success comes by helping others succeed and we hope to provide a way for your business to do just that.